Tax Reform

Chairman Dave Camp

Small Business Draft

Strengthening the Economy and Increasing Wages by Making the Tax Code Simpler and Fairer for America’s Small Businesses

This draft is specifically focused on reducing the burden the tax code imposes on small businesses and their workers.  With about half of the private sector workforce employed by a small business – a total of nearly 60 million Americans –  every dollar spent on complying with an overly complex, burdensome and broken tax code is a dollar that cannot be used for investment, hiring and higher wages for American workers. 

The discussion draft contains several core components that simplify tax compliance for small businesses and provide certainty with respect to the ability of small businesses to recover certain costs immediately.  These include widely supported reforms such as permanent section 179 expensing and expansion of the “cash accounting” method, amongst other provisions.  The discussion draft also includes two separate options designed to achieve greater uniformity between S corporations and partnerships – one that revises current rules and a second that replaces current tax rules with a new unified pass-through regime.